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Metal Indoor Outdoor Plant Watering Can for House Plant
Product Code: YS01E0032
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  • Material:

    Galvanized metal

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    20-30days depends on our production schedule

  • Finish:

    Powder coating

✅Material: This watering pot made of high quality galvanized metal, ensuring quality and longevity. ✅BRUSHED FINISH: Hand polished power coated finish, build to resist daily scratches, corrosions and tarnishing. ✅Long Spout: Indoor watering can with narrow long spout can easily poke between foliage to water small houseplants, so you can put the water exactly where you want it. ✅Perfect size for indoor house plants and small office plants, raises the humidity around plants and flowers to keep them healthy.

Nostalgic style restoring ancient ways, with a European flavor, let a person shine at the moment, let a person fondle admiringly, fully reflects the owner's exquisite quality of life.Rural style, return to nature, fashion is not restore ancient ways.Enjoy watering your indoor plants with this stylish small stainless steel watering can. Trendy brushed finish.Top opening, pointed spout provides good flow control and extra-long beak let you reach to water flowers, plants and herbs at the spot with precision.

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