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17 Gallon Metal Galvanized Party Cold Drink Beverage Tub With Stand
Product Code: YS01B0214
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  • Material:

    Galvanized metal

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    20-30days depends on our production schedule

  • Finish:

    Nature galvanized

Product Feature

Extremely Versatile! This Tub is rated for outdoor or indoor use and can be used in many different ways. Your search for ice buckets for parties, a nice wash basin for clothes or dogs, or a very stylish farmhouse planter ends here. Huge Capacity to hold more of whatever you want to put in it! Very well insulated to keep your drinks cold longer. It keeps the ice and the drinks cold for the entire party. This Party Tub Comes Equipped With a Bottle Opener and easy to use drain in the bottom! When you're watering the flowers or draining the cooler after the party it couldn't be easier. Comes With The Stand - So that you don't have to break your back while watering your plants, grabbing a drink or washing your dishes. We've already explained how the MIF garden metal galvanized bucket can be used in so many different ways. What makes it even better is how it can be so effortlessly converted to another use on a whim. One day you can be using it for your potted plants and the very next it can be at the center of your party being used as the drink tub. We designed this to be a great addition to your farmhouse decor or the start of your home's new rustic look. The antiqued galvanized design is back in style and we're excited to help you decorate your home, patio or garden. Here at MIF Garden, we are excited to have created a piece that can help out you and your family in so many ways and looks the way you love. Happy Cold Drink-Plant-Washing!

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