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Powder-coated galvanized iron countertop space Bread Container with Bamboo Lid
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  • Material:

    Galvanized steel

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    20-30days depends on our production schedule

  • Finish:

    Food grade power coated

TASTY BREAD, TASTEFUL STYLE - Keep bread tasting fresher-for-longer in a bin you’ll be proud to show off in your kitchen. The bamboo lid also doubles as a convenient, space-saving chopping board. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR FOR BREAD - Sealed bread boxes prevent moisture escaping which speeds up molding and ruins baked goods. This box is designed to encourage air circulation for a fresher loaf. FREE YOUR WORKTOPS - Store 2 (plus) loaves of bread, muffins, bagels, sandwiches, and more. With your bakery products organized your kitchen becomes a less chaotic, more enjoyable place to spend time. SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION - The handcrafted bamboo lid is also a durable cutting block. Bamboo is an eco-crop so this box is tough, plastic-free, environmentally-friendly, and kind to your conscience.

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