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1.3 Gallon Stainless-Steel Countertop Kitchen Food Waste Compost Bin
Product Code: RTS0007
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  • Material:

    Galvanized steel

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    20-30days depends on our production schedule

  • Finish:

    Powder coating

Compost bin is designed for controlling odors naturally. It overcomes the major drawback of notable stench when decomposing organics in your home. This compost bin is equipped with a airtight lid which can keeps it spill proof. It also contains an activated-charcoal filter which is for absorbing and trapping odors and leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. You will hardly notice that they are there even if some of your leftovers are already a few days old.

Compost bin is made of high grade stainless steel. The compost bin is solid and rust-resistant, which is perfect for composting in kitchen. The stainless steel compost bin will not release any harmful chemicals in your compost. You will make some safe compost to plant your flowers or vegetables. The odorless compost bin allows you to make compost in kitchen and enjoy a clean kitchen.

You can store some food waste for several day in your kitchen and no need to go to the outdoor compost area or your green waste bin every day. Store vegetable waste, fruit scraps, and coffee grounds in the recycled stainless steel kitchen compost bin and simply close the lid which has a piece of an activated-charcoal filter. 

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